Our team Dauphin Components would like to show you a small part of our performance as manufacturer of office swivel chairs and armrests.

We are a subsidiary of the Dauphin HumanDesign® Group in Offenhausen (near by Nuremburg) and put our products at the disposal of our worldwide connected companies and licensees. Our major concern is to ensure the high quality level of the brand Dauphin in the field of mechanisms as well as armrests at all times.


There are four main components of an office swivel chair:

  • five stare base
  • mechanism
  • armrests
  • and finally upholstery

We are responsible for the mechanisms and armrests.

Last but not least our success is based on our slim company structure, which consists of a simple assembly production. The manufactured products were built due to a modular construction system. This enables a broadly product range combined with a high flexibility.

Furthermore the unrestricted use of our high performance and competent partners know how is absolutely necessary.